Sales and technology have progressed exponentially in recent years, not only changing the retail and manufacturer environment and giving consumers and companies new solutions for leading their own business but also amplifying the opportunities for many sales analysis, training, and exploration. On the other hand, and as a consequence, clients’ requirements have evolved and overcome traditional sales solutions and needs. Traditional sales solution has become insufficient to meet their needs.

BJ & Partners was established to meet clients’ needs and to transform and develop their full sales potential. BJ & Partners is a sales consulting & training service company focused on providing business support and solutions and leads to reach ample commercial opportunities for all our clients. We provide sales service, sales solutions, and advice related to retail, manufacturing, and other professional & business services (B2B and B2C complex sales). We operate in the high-potential market in Serbia, where well-established local teams have true understanding of the business, retail trade, and consumers’ habits and cultures. We can support you, unlocking the full power of your sales potential and recognizing what really matters to you.


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Knjaževačka 4a, 18000 Niš, Serbia

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