BJ consulting methodology consists of a unique and comprehensive approach which includes the following steps:

e Examining the situation
d Development of tailored solutions
i Impact and influence on people
t Training focused on individual performance and related sales activities
o Organizing, reviewing, coaching and supporting performance
r Recognizing and measuring success

Industries We Serve

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, professional & business services & other B2B and B2C complex sales. Strong focus on Sales Operations departments,  Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Regional Sales Managers, and other sales-related staff.
There are no limitations for company sizes that can be served. We identify your industry’s mission, and we listen to your unique goals and needs. Then, we design, develop, and implement customized sales solutions, sales training, and sales service programs to reach your goals in a fast and effective way.


* In your organization, at our place, online, or a location of your preference

* 1 to 1

* In a group

* Classroom, role plays, exercises, combination of practical and theoretical knowledge

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