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BJ & Partners help their clients on Sales Projects related to their field or inside sales force and sales operations. We act upon organization, competencies, processes, and tools, providing support in the implementation of the chosen solutions and expertise in terms of training and coaching salespeople.

With expertise in sales operations, we can help you to:

  • Build, customize or optimize sales processes
  • Develop competencies of people from sales, whether at managerial or operational levels
  • Synchronize sales systems, structures, and sales tools and resources
  • Plan the structure and size of the sales sector
  • Completion of the brief/project task in cooperation with the client
  • Setting up a project, writing a questionnaire, creating a sample, etc.
  • Data processing
  • Writing reports including key findings and recommendations
  • Communication with clients
We can help you better evaluate and maximize the business skills of your teams. Our experience, backed by the benchmarking of our methods, enables us to:
  • Assess sales representatives and executives
  • Validate the hiring of salespeople
BJ & Partners can provide complete Sales Service Support to develop your business and promote your company’s presence in the market, including visits to customers.
  • providing sales services and assistance to your customers, collecting, updating and maintaining customer data (customer acquisition)
  • collecting data for your potential customers during the customer acquisition process


For long term projects, as our Gold Partners you will have full support for your sales and marketing efforts that can boost your sales and market share by developing and maintaining customer relationships and promoting your company presence in the market, including field activities (field professional sales development service). In the long term, we can together create a strong partnership and a solution tailored to your wishes and needs!

But with no less dedication, for the One Time Projects, we can support you and provide suitable service according to your wishes and needs!

BJ & Partners
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